5 Amazing Valentine's Day Gifts for College Girls

Having trouble finding a gift that's as great as your best friend or girlfriend is? Want to just get some college care package ideas? Scroll on for a list of ideas that includes apparel, unique home + living items, accessories, and more—you'll definitely find something she'll love!


1. If She Won't Talk to You Before Her First Cup of Coffee

We all have that friend in college who lives and dies by their coffee. Who are we kidding--we may be that friend. 

This pair of cute Valentine's Day coffee mugs will keep your coffee-fueled friend happy every morning for the rest of the year.

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Valentine's Day coffee mug

Shop this cute Valentine Unicorn coffee mug here.

cute valentine's coffee mug

Shop this Boss Lady coffee mug here.


2. If Art and Inspiration Are Her Thing

You really never can go wrong with a colorful, inspiring framed print.

The first framed print below is of Virginia Woolf, who was of the most badass, ahead-of-her time ladies ever. 

The second framed print is of LGBTQ pioneer Harvey Milk's inspiring quote, "Hope Will Never Be Silent." 

Uplift your girlfriend's dorm room with either one of these framed prints, or check out the rest of our framed prints here.


virginia woolf framed print


Shop this Virginia Woolf framed print here.

harvey milk framed print

Shop this Hope Will Never Be Silent framed print here.


3. If She Can't Wait to Sleep In on the Weekend

"I always feel rested and get enough sleep," said literally no one in college ever.

This super cute premium throw pillow will brighten your bestie's home decor and provide the perfect excuse for a quick power nap.

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cute valentine's day throw pillow

Shop this cute unicorn Valentine premium throw pillow here.

feminist throw pillow

Shop this Fierce Women premium throw pillow here.


4. If a New Tote Is a Must

Handwoven in Los Angeles? Check. Sturdy enough for Trader Joe's or Whole Foods shopping runs? Check. Cute enough for people in class to stop and ask where she got it? Check. 

This Girl Power tote bag is perfect for the go-getters in your life. 


cute cotton tote bag

 Shop this Girl Power tote bag here.


5. If She Loves Travel-themed Tees

Let's face it: we all have unfulfilled travel goals. Valentine's day at college often sparks fantasies of just picking up and leaving on the next flight to Tokyo, Barcelona, or whatever the city you dream about might be. 

Our "Many Cities, One World" collection of tees are perfect for that friend in your life with wanderlust who can't wait to get out there and explore this vast planet we call home.  

Check out our entire Many Cities, One world collection of tees here.

paris t-shirt Shop this Paris tee here.


cute graphic animal t-shirt

 Shop this Oslo tee here.

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