College Checklist

Packing for college can be overwhelming. What comes with you? What stays at home? The following list will make it a bit easier to decide. 

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Use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need for your first year at college. Obviously keep in mind that these are just suggestions and that you should adapt this list to suit your own situation accordingly.

Pro Tip: to save money on packing or shipping, it might make sense to buy some of these items after you arrive. 

Alarm Clock
Unless your internal clock is impeccable, you'll need a reliable alarm clock to make sure you don't miss those early morning classes. 
alarm clock for college dorm supply list
Bed linens 
If you're new to school, make sure to double check whether your dorm room has regular twin or XL twin beds, as this will obviously determine what size bed linens you should buy.
twin xl bed linens for college packing list
Clothes hangers
This one's a no brainer. Unless you plan to go full Animal House and leave your shirts strewn everywhere on the floor and on your desk, you'll need a pack or two of clothes hangers for your closet. 
clothes hanger for printable college dorm checklist
Get this 24-pack of clothes hangers here.
Stainless Steel Trash Can
It's not fun having to haul every piece of trash in your dorm room down the hallway to the shared garbage cans in your dorm. Save yourself the trouble and bring a nice-sized trashcan to keep your room clean.  
stainless steel trashcan for student house checklist
           Get this stainless steel trashcan for your dorm room.

While everyone's natural instinct is to pack every last piece of clothing they own, dressing for college is all about knowing the basic building blocks of your style and keeping it simple.

We wrote a quick but essential guide to dressing for college #likeaboss. Read it here.

Tote Bag

You'll need a tote sturdy enough for life on campus or late-night runs to the grocery store and cute enough for people on campus to stop and ask where you got it. 

cute denim tote bag for university girls
funny tote bag for college chicks
Desk Lamp
College is all about burning the midnight oil, yes, but this ain't the 19th century so you definitely won't be studying by candlelight in your dorm room.
LED desk lamp for college shopping list for freshman

Get this LED desk lamp for your dorm room.
Storage Bins
An organized dorm room goes a long way toward ensuring clarity of mind when you sit down at your desk to study. These light, portable storage bins will help you declutter your space. 
storage bins for your college school supplies

Get these storage bins here.

Combination Whiteboard & Cork Board

Use this whiteboard/cork board combo to record flashes of insight, remind yourself to pick up groceries, and ensure you keep track of the various aspects of life on campus. 

college freshman essentials cork board and whiteboard combo

Get this combo whiteboard & cork board here.

Wall Calendar

If you are a visual person and like to see your entire monthly schedule at a glance, a wall calendar is a no brainer. Track your work, school, and social life all in once place. 

Get this wall calendar here. 


You will probably go through dozens of notebooks in college, so why not use one that expresses your personality? These notebooks are a far cry from the ho-hum boring notebooks you'll find at Staples or Office Depot. 

think outside notebook for university

not today Satan notebook for school
Desk Fan
Depending on what part of the country your college is located, spring and summer can get hot as hell in your dorm. Make your life a bit more livable during hot months with a desk fan. 
sleek desk fan for college dorm

A Laptop 

Although most colleges have a computer lab, you are going to want to be able to set your own schedule in terms of when you can study, write papers, and waste time on the Internet.

If you're one of the lucky ones who attend a college where a new laptop is part of your tuition, feel free to skip ahead to the next part of the list. If, however, you're like the rest of us, we've put together our two top choices for laptops, including an economic option and and option for those with a bit more breathing room in their bank accounts. 

Samsung Chromebook


Samsung Chromebook


Macbook Air

Macbook AIr

Laptop Sleeve
Are you really gonna drop all that money on a new laptop and not protect it? Hell no! 
Cover your new laptop in style with one of these designer laptop sleeves. 
orange grove laptop sleeve for college girls
vintage record laptop sleeve for university students
A Television 

Sure, you may not have a lot of extra time to watch TV like you used to, but who doesn't want to be able to stream Netflix from the privacy of their own room after a long day of work and school?

The key to finding the right TV for your dorm room is striking the balance between size and an affordable price. This 22-inch LG LED TV does that and more. 

LG 22-inch LED TV


Blackout Curtains

Make room for more sun when you want to, block it out when you don't. Blackout curtains are perfect for Saturday mornings when sleeping in is the most delicious thing on Earth. 

blackout curtains for college dorm room

designer blackout curtains for university dorms

Throw Pillows

Make your room an inviting space where friends can sit, stay, and feel at home with these gorgeous, one-of-a-kind throw pillows. 

fashion forward throw pillow for college girls

fierce women throw pillow for university gals
Posters and Wall Hangings 
One of the best ways to express yourself in the limited space in your dorm room is to make good use of your walls. Use your own photos together with posters and wall hangings to make your walls pop with color and energize your space. 
Harvey Milk poster
music is life poster
get in loser wall hanging
Bath Mat
Do you like slipping on slippery bathroom floors and busting your ass? Neither do we! Bath mats make sure you can leave the shower with peace of mind. 
funny bathmat for college
ocean bathmat for school dorm bathroom

Get this bath mat here.

Hand and Bath Towels 

Dry off in style with these fashion-forward hand and bath towels. Who says your bathroom has to be boring? 

yellow bath towel

Get this either as a hand or bath towel here.

designer bath towel

Get this either as a hand or bath towel here.

Shower Curtains

If you want to buy the same boring shower curtains everyone else bought at Target this year, then by all means do you. 

If you want to smile every time you see a work of art staring back at you when you take a shower, check out these shower curtains below. 

shapes study shower curtain for university dorm bathroom

Get this shower curtain here.

Moby Dick shower curtain

Get this shower curtain here.

Can coolers 
It takes a special kind of person to enjoy warm beer or warm soda. If you prefer your drinks cold, make a small investment in a can cooler and thank us later. 
can cooler for college party
can cooler for college life

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