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College School Supply List: Trying AmazonBasics to Check Off Your List of Back-to-school Supplies 

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Hello, this is Jennifer from See Lemon.  The back-to-school season is approaching and I conducted a survey with my followers about what kind of back-to-school related videos you would like to see.

Some of you asked for some reviews on school supplies or some recommendations for best school supplies to use. I'm sure a lot of you know by now that I have been out of school for a while, but I do use a lot of office supplies which are basically the same thing as school supplies. I'm kind of a notebook sketchbook and pen addict, so I think I could help you out with some reviews on that stuff.

Today just happens to be Amazon Prime day, which is a good day to shop for deals on Amazon. This video is not sponsored. I genuinely do use their basics line of everyday essentials, so I ordered a bunch of Amazon basics for office-back-to-school supplies that I've been wanting to try out for myself 

I am a sucker for a good gel pen, so I've been wanting to try Amazon's. They have a blue and black one in fine point and ultra fine point. The pen addict in me wanted to try a whole case of these colorful pens, but unfortunately they were temporarily out of stock. Instead, I got the twelve pack of black gel pens, which cost around forty three cents each.

Get this retractable gel ink pen for college here.


I thought that was an okay deal and I couldn't pass up the highlighters, so I got a twelve pack of these chisel tip highlighters, which also cost just below forty cents a pen if you estimate the cost of a twelve pack and if you have the free prime shipping. This isn't a bad deal considering it comes with all of these colors.

Get these chisel-tip highlighters for school here.

I have been using a lot of Correction tape over the years and it's become an essential part of my office supply stash. I wanted to try theirs out so I got the standard four-pack, which comes in assorted colors.

Get this correction tape for college here.

I was really looking forward to trying out their classic notebook. It only comes in one color, black, but they do have three versions. It has the cover, the closure, the bookmark, the back pocket, all of which are similar to a Moleskin journal. Nine dollars seemed to be almost too cheap for a book like that so we're going to test this out.

The notebook feels well-constructed. The end pages are securely glued down, so they're not bubbling up, and the notebook lays flat. However, I noticed the glue underneath the cover on the spine is a little bit messy, which results in some bumps. 

Get this classic notebook for school here.

Putting the College School Supply List to the Test

In order to test the black gel pen, I'm going to write out my usual bullet journal task list. This is something I do almost every day in a journal. This gel pen feels like a nice everyday pen. It writes really smooth and I like the rubber grip on it. It's very comfortable to write with.

gAlthough the paper is acid-free and archival safe, it is pretty thin and you do have some ghosting on the back of the page from your pen.

The chisel tip highlighter feels like your everyday highlighter. It doesn't completely bleed through the paper, but you can see it it still has some ghosting.

Now let's test out all the highlighter colors. They seem to be your average, everyday highlighter. Now, let's test out the correction tape. 

Find the Remaining School Supplies Reviewed in this Video Below 

Here are a few other supplies from our college school supply list that you can pick up for school this year without ever having to leave your dorm. 

Get these assorted color retractable ballpoint pens for college here.

Get these twin pocket file folders with fasteners for school here.


Get this 4-pack of binders for school here.

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