College Dorm Rooms

How Does Your Dorm Room Show Who You Are? 

There are a lot of different ways you can express your personal sense of style in college. Your dorm room is the perfect place to add your own personal touch so that your space expresses what makes you unique. 

Inspired by Society6's four ways of styling your dorm, we've put together a carefully curated list of dorm decor and art for the Adventurist, the Optimist, the Minimalist, and the Brooklyn Badass. 

Feel free to mix and match styles until your dorm room feels like home! 

One last thing: before you scroll through our curated selections below, allow us to introduce ourselves. We're Montevideo 👋 We create and curate the best art, apparel, decor & inspiration for creative college students with independent taste. 


The Inspired Dorm Room

Think you're an adventurist after watching this video? If so, check out these dorm decor picks we've carefully curated just for you!

See the world every night with this duvet cover

Add the vibrant immediacy of a South American street mural to your dorm room with this framed print

Bring the sun and mountains into your college dorm room with this autumn-toned throw blanket

Bring the spirit of camping into your life without having to pee in the woods

Throwback much? Go full hispter adventurist with this polaroid pillow

Breathe some life into a grey dorm room with this lovely floral-patterned pillow

Bring some serious Haight Asbury summer of love vibes into your life with this epic wall tapestry

We're feeling all sorts of Portlandia about this wall tapestry

The Vibrant, Optimistic Dorm Room

Think you're an optimist after watching this video? If so, check out these dorm decor picks we've carefully curated just for you. 

Remind yourself every time you enter your dorm room to get up and carpe that fucking diem with this amazing duvet cover

Get this Carpe That Fucking Diem Duvet Cover here.

Difficult as college can be, as this cute duvet cover reminds us, life is still pretty rad

Get this RAD Duvet Cover here.

You want a pug with a quote from one of Japan's greatest authors? Cover both bases with this poster! 

Get this Think Lightly of Yourself poster here.

We're not sure if Shakespeare actually said the quote emblazoned across this throw blanket, but if he did, bless the Bard's heart 

Get this Little & Fierce Throw Blanket here.

Add some (metaphorical) sunshine to your life with this vibrant-ass throw blanket

Get this Good Morning Sunshine Throw Blanket here.

You ever wake up and just think to yourself, "Bitch please, I'm a unicorn"? If so, this pillow's for you. 

Get this Bitch Please, I'm A Unicorn Rectangular Throw Pillow here.

Be wild be wild be wild be wild

Get this Be Wild Throw Pillow here.

Need more ocean vibes in your life? Hang this wall tapestry on your dusty dorm room walls and POOF now you're in Santa Monica. 

Get this Crash into Me Wall Tapestry here.

Are you a dreamer? Let the world know it with this colorful wall tapestry. 

Get this Dreamer Typography Color Poster Dream Imagine Wall Tapestry here.

The Minimalist Dorm Room

Think you're a minimalist after watching this video? If so, check out these dorm decor picks we've carefully curated just for you! 

Regain a sense of order and serenity every time you enter your college dorm room with this minimalist duvet cover

This minimalist dorm poster will make you feel like you're out exploring one of the world's great cities filled with street art

Stay warm and restore peace of mind with the calming shapes and elegant colors of this throw blanket

Get this Climb Throw Blanket here.

Add a little Barcelona-inspired minimalist style to your life with this elegant throw blanket

Get this Absolute Face Throw Blanket here.

It always helps to have an extra set of eyes around

Get this Eyes Rectangular Throw Pillow here.

This throw pillow looks like it's straight out of the MOCA gift shop 

Get this Fields 3 Rectangular Throw Pillow here.

Make your friends who have refined taste jealous with this one-of-a-kind wall tapestry

Get this No Way Wall Tapestry here.

The Brooklyn Badass Dorm Room

Think you're a Brooklyn Badass after watching this video? If so, check out these dorm decor picks we've carefully curated just for you! 

If you've been looking for a duvet cover that looks like a gritty 70s NYC crime movie poster, this is the one for you

Skulls and nature more your jam? With this duvet cover you can sleep beneath both.

Get this The Final Adventure Duvet Cover here.

Here's the Evel Knievel-style throw blanket you never knew you needed until now

Get this Go Dirty Throw Blanket here.

A snake skeleton on a pillow? No one but a Brooklyn Badass would ever think about putting this in their dorm room. 

Get this Snake Skeleton Rectangular Pillow here.

This is a wall tapestry for those who live life in the fast lane 

Get this Can't Slow Down Wall Tapestry here.

Big Brother's watching anyway, so why not poke fun at the surveillance state with this Big Brother wall tapestry? 

Get this Big Brother Wall Tapestry here.

This badass framed print says it all: The Matriarchy Strikes Back! 

Get this The Matriarchy Strikes Back Framed Print here.

Three Bonus Articles that Will Teach You How to Crush it When Styling your College Dorm Room! 

For those of you who made it all the way to the end of this post about college dorm rooms, we have a little bonus for you. If you're wondering how to maximize the small space in your dorm room, if you want some inspiring ways to use wall tapestries in your room, or if you want to learn how to curate a dorm room gallery wall like a boss, check out the links to these three articles below. 

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