The Stories Behind Our Top Five Favorite Creations This Month

Happy new year ya'll! Last year, you told us that you wanted to learn more about the stories behind our creations, and we listened! To start the new year right, here are the stories behind our five favorite creations this month. 

 Female Directors Rock t-shirt

Female Directors Rock t-shirt


This first creation, our Female Directors Rock t-shirt, was inspired by the movie Lady Bird. If you haven't seen, stop reading this and watch it now...seriously.

The movie was directed by Greta Gerwig, who was nominated for a Best Director Oscar, which led us to wonder how many other female directors have been nominated in this category.

Turns out that since the Academy Awards first aired in 1929, only four women have been nominated for Best Director.

This pissed us off (only 4??!!),  so to honor the many amazing female directors out there working today (ummm, can you say Ava DuVernay?), we created our Female Directors Rock t-shirt. 

Shop our Female Directors Rock tee here.

Be Wild leggings

cute leggings

These cute leggings definitely fall into the playful category of our designs. 

Full disclosure: we LOVE Rifle Paper Co. There is no doubt that Anna Bond is absolutely slaying it. You can find her illustrations in pretty much every single gift shop and boutique on Earth today. 

Inspired by her aesthetic (and who hasn't been in the last few years?), we paired with amazing illustrator Nadezhda to create a new series of leggings for 2019.

These fabulous Be Wild leggings are the first in this series. If you like her work, we have good news, because you'll definitely be seeing a lot more of her designs across our product lines in 2019. 

Shop our Be Wild leggings here

The Matriarchy Strikes Back framed print

The Matriarchy Strikes Back Framed print


feminist art framed print

The story behind The Matriarchy Strikes Back line of designs might be our favorite one this month. 

This line began as just a collection of t-shirts (which you can see for yourself here), but last summer, we realized after hearing a lot of feedback from you that you also wanted these designs to hang on your walls. Walls need love too! ❤️

The deeper story behind this series of designs is that our co-founders Nate and Nobuko went through old historical records from the British Library and found these colonial-era images of women whose voices had been silenced throughout history.

By repurposing these historical images of silenced, nameless women, we want them to live on as the stars of the artwork and apparel in this collection. 

Shop The Matriarchy Strikes Back framed print here.

Michelle Obama iPhone case 

Michelle Obama iPhone case 

It's probably safe to say that Michelle Obama is the most beloved person in America today. Bey hive, please don't come for us! 😅

In addition to being the embodiment of grace under pressure, Michelle has a lot of wisdom to offer about life. Here's one of our favorite quotes from our forever First Lady: "Whether you come from a council estate or a country estate, your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude." 

Michelle is one of our greatest inspirations for living our best life, and so we decided to honor her with this new design across multiple product lines. 

Shop our Michelle Obama iPhone case here. If you're team Galaxy, you can shop the Samsung version of this case here.


Milan t-shirt 

cute Italian Milan t-shirt


Last but not least this month is this new Milan design in our "Many Cities, One World" collection of tees, totes & hoodies. 

If you know our story at Montevideo, you know that we are all about celebrating different cultures, designs, and people from around the world. We believe in bridges, not walls, and what better way to build bridges than to travel to other cities and towns and speak heart-to-heart with the people who call those places home?

Think quick: when you hear the word "Milan," what are the first things that come to mind? Style, grace, elegance, class...those are just a few right? 

In this tee we tried to capture all these things that make Milan such a one-of-a-kind city in a simple yet sophisticated design. We hope you love it as much as we do! 

Shop our Milan tee here.

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