5 of Kendrick Lamar's illest outfits


With three consecutive classic albums under his belt, Kendrick Lamar has established himself as the most iconic voice of his generation.

And while tons of ink has been spilled to deconstruct his lyrics and document his impact on the culture, K Dot’s impeccable fashion sense doesn't always receive its proper due.

In an interview with The Coveteur, Kedrick had this to say about his sense of stye: “Personally, I just like a more classic, comfortable feel. You know, it just represents my personality. It’s just a representation of who I am, another extension of what I represent and my own personality. Do what always represents you.”

Whether he's headlining Coachella or accepting a Pulitzer Prize, he always looks genuine—and great. Here are five of Kendrick Lamar's illest outfits.  

Kendrick Lamar style

This late 80s, early 90s LA era flannel is a solid look, especially with the right fitting jeans.

Kendrick Lamar style

East London tracksuit? Check. Don't sleep on Kenny's perfectly matched red Nikes.  

Kendrick Lamar style

Throwback leather jacket and colorful-ass eskimo hat? Where lesser MCs might falter when trying to channel their inner Ghostface Killa, eskimo Kenny pulls this one off no problem. 


Kendrick Lamar style

Kendrick was seen rocking this jacket at several festivals following the release of To Pimp a Butterfly. Although it's not as new as the other outfits in this list, it's still one of our favorites. 


kendrick lamar style

Last but not least, we round out this top 5 with Pulitzer Kenny. Although this may not be our own first choice if given access to Kenny's wardrobe, we believe that if you're the first MC in history to win a Pulitzer Prize, you deserve to wear whatever you damn please at the acceptance ceremony. 

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